Key features

General information 

NAPLAN Online tests include a range of question formats and interactive features. Students answer questions by clicking, typing and dragging; some questions include audio or interactive tools; all questions can be reviewed and answered, or flagged and returned to later. All questions can be interacted with via keyboard shortcuts.  

Adjustments for students with disability include audio and visual (including colour contrast themes) alternative format questions to assist students with disability to access NAPLAN Online. 


Some questions require sound. Headphones will be required for actual NAPLAN Online tests for conventions of language, writing and numeracy. 

There will be an optional audio file attached to numeracy questions so that the literacy demands of the questions do not prevent access to the test. This will replace the need for teachers to read questions to students, as is the case for the paper-based numeracy test. 


The demonstration tests contain a timer which will show the time allocated for NAPLAN tests under real test conditions. The timer is included for demonstration purposes only, it does not indicate allocated time for the demonstration tests. You can choose to display or hide the timer, but the timer will always be locked to display in the last five minutes of the actual test. 

Numeracy tools 

Some numeracy questions provide an online ruler, a protractor or a calculator. When a ruler, protractor or calculator are available, icons will appear in the top right-hand corner of the test. To use these tools, select them by clicking on the appropriate icon and once selected can be moved around by dragging. Selecting the icon again will close the function. The icons for these tools will remain available through an entire section even for those questions in the section where they are not required. Clicking on the icon will minimise the tool. 

The numeracy tests for Years 7 and 9 start with a section in which the calculator tool is not available. Once you have finished this section, you will not be able to change your answers. This is because you are not allowed to use a calculator to answer non-calculator questions. In NAPLAN, you will not be able to return to these questions; in the demonstration tests, you can return, but your answers cannot be changed. At the end of the non-calculator section, this will be explained on a notification screen. Check your answers carefully. You can click back or use the progress summary screen. 

Zoom function 

In the top left corner of the test you will see a magnifying glass icon. The magnifying glass icon makes the screen go bigger or smaller. Click on the magnifying glass to enlarge the view by 150, 200 or 300 per cent. Click on the same option to turn it off. When you move questions the zoom function will reset to 100 per cent. You may need to use the scroll bar as a result of changing the magnification. 

The flag function at the bottom of the test allows you to mark a question so you can return to it later. A progress summary screen is available to view your progress in the test by displaying if questions have been answered, not answered, not read or flagged. The progress summary screen is accessed by clicking a grid icon at the top of the page near the question number. Clicking the grid summary icon again will return you to your place in the test. 

Progress indicators 

The tests are designed in sections. In NAPLAN Online, your answers to one section of the test will determine the next section you see, so it is important to check your answers at the end of each section. At the end of a test section, you will see a notification screen that will remind you to check your answers before proceeding to the next section. You can click back or use the progress summary screen. 

You can check where you are using the progress summary screen by clicking the grid icon at the top of test, beside the question number. The grid icon allows you to view your progress in the test by displaying questions that have been answered, unanswered, unread or flagged. By clicking the grid icon again, you will return to your place in the test.