Student reports

NAPLAN 2018 results will be provided to schools from mid-August to mid-September, depending on your state or territory test administration authority.

All students who participated in the NAPLAN tests will get an individual report of their results. Individual student reports are not provided for the NAP sample assessments.

NAPLAN individual student reports provide information about what students know and have achieved in the areas of reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy. They also provide information on how students have performed in relation to other students in the same year group, and against the national average (over one million students participate in NAPLAN tests each year) and the national minimum standards. 

What’s in the NAPLAN student report

The front page of the student report provides some general information about the tests, and an explanation of how to read the report.

The second and third pages have diagrams that show the relevant part of the assessment scale in bands for that year level. For each year level, only six of the ten bands are shown on the student report.

  • Year 3 student reports show bands 1 to 6, and the national minimum standard is band 2

  • Year 5 student reports show bands 3 to 8, and the national minimum standard is band 4

  • Year 7 student reports show bands 4 to 9, and the national minimum standard is band 5

  • Year 9 student reports show bands 5 to 10, and the national minimum standard is band 6

The student’s result in each area (reading, writing, spelling, grammar & punctuation, and numeracy) is marked on the common assessment scales.  The diagrams in the student report also show the range for the middle 60 percent of students, the national average result, and the national minimum standard for each year level. Reports in some states and territories also show the school average.

The final page of the report has a table that provides a brief description of what students have typically demonstrated in the tests at each band.

For more information about how to understand the results in the student report, see How to interpret.

Additional materials to explain the NAPLAN student report: