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Significant planning, development, research and trialling have been going on behind the scenes to make sure we are all ready to move NAPLAN online from 2017 over a two–three year period. Not all states will move online at the same time; however, and state and territory education authorities will make decisions about the timing to move NAPLAN online for their state or territory.

In August 2016, a trial of the new national online assessment platform was carried out in schools across seven states and territories. Over the same period, ACARA also conducted further trials and studies in schools to provide information required to develop the NAPLAN Online 2017 test that will be hosted on the new platform.

Students, teachers and parents now have the opportunity to take demonstration tests using the national online assessment platform. The demonstration tests are mini-tests that contain example questions to allow everyone to become familiar with the various types of technology-enhanced features NAPLAN Online uses. For example, new elements of the online tests include interactive navigation and features such as drag and drop. The main purpose of the demonstration tests is to familiarise students, teachers and parents with NAPLAN Online item types and functionalities.

Although each mini-test will consist of questions similar to the NAPLAN Online 2017 tests, they do not reflect the full functionality of the national online assessment platform, as this is being refined and improved in preparation for the move to online assessment from May 2017. Read our FAQs to find out how these demonstration tests differ from actual NAPLAN Online assessments taking place in May 2017.

The links below take you to mini-tests for reading, writing, conventions of language (grammar, punctuation, spelling) and numeracy for each NAPLAN test year: 3, 5, 7 and 9. 

Before you start, check first! The demonstration tests will work with many devices and browsers, but not all. Before starting, ensure that your device has the minimum technical requirements to access the mini-tests by checking the technical requirements for these demonstration tests. NAPLAN Online 2017 has its own specific technical requirements. 


If you have any feedback on this public demonstration site please contact: [email protected]

Public demonstration site mini-tests


User guide

The user guide explains the overall test layout and tools available for use. It shows the different question types and their functionality.

Download the public demo site user guide (PDF 2.5 mb)


NAPLAN Online user guide video

Watch a new instructional video to become familiar with the public demonstration site: