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Assessment type



NAPLAN school practice test window 2022 March – April

For more information, contact your school or your test administration authority

NAPLAN online
Read more about the NAPLAN online test window dates

From 2023, NAPLAN is moving to March. Read about the change here.


NAPLAN and all associated testing events did not proceed for 2020 due to COVID-19.


11–21 May


10–20 May

See NAPLAN online test window infographic (PDF 1.23 mb)

See test timetable by domain

See information on NAPLAN and Ramadan


15–27 March


13–25 March


12–24 March


11–23 March


10–22 March

NAPLAN on paper
Schools will do NAPLAN online in 2022


NAPLAN and all associated testing events did not proceed for 2020 due to COVID-19.


11–13 May

NAP–ICT Literacy sample assessments  2020 NAP sample and all associated testing events were postponed for 12 months due to COVID-19.
2021 Field trial (Qld, NSW and Vic only): 7 June – 18 June
NAP sample assessment was postponed for a further 12 months due to COVID-19. 
2022 Field trial (WA, SA, Vic and NSW only): 6 June – 17 June
Main study: 10 October – 11 November. 
NAP–SL sample assessments 2023 NAP sample assessments will move from October to Term 2.
NAP sample opt-in assessments 2024 From 2024, schools will be able to opt-in to additional assessments in the NAP sample domains for Years 6 and 10.

Small scale tests

Schools may also be randomly selected to participate in NAPLAN item trial testing (from early to mid-August) or equating testing (1–4 weeks prior to NAPLAN test period). The selected schools are required to participate in these activities. For more information, download the small-scale tests fact sheet (PDF 184 kb).

For more information about these events, please contact your test administration authority.