School support

Schools play a central role in ensuring the smooth running of NAPLAN tests. Each year, ACARA and test administration authorities (TAAs) in each state and territory provide information and support to schools to ensure they understand what is required to support the administration of NAPLAN tests.

This section of the website groups together the documents and information most frequently used by schools.



Administration of NAPLAN

The National protocols for test administration publication is the top level guide to the administration of NAPLAN tests. The protocols are developed by ACARA with relevant state, territory, and non-government representatives. This document provides information to ensure that the test administration process is followed uniformly across the country. Further details are available in the National protocols for test administration section.

The Guidelines for managing test incidents in schools publication provides instructions to schools on the steps to take if a test breach happens at their school. More information is available under the Test integrity section.

Guidance on managing student participation, including information on which students are eligible for exemption from NAPLAN, how to manage withdrawals, and accommodating participation for students absent from school on test dates is available in the Student participation section.

Adjustments for students with disability

Information on the available adjustments for students with disability, including example scenarios, is set out in the Adjustments for students with disability section. Further information can be found in section 6 of the National Protocols for Test Administration, and frequently asked questions answered in NAPLAN FAQs.

Brochures for parents/carers and the community

ACARA produces a NAPLAN information brochure for parents/carers which schools can provide to members of their local community. This brochure covers the basic facts that parents/carers need to know about NAPLAN, including dates of NAPLAN tests.

For information on NAPLAN individual student reports (ISRs), including FAQs and example reports for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, go to the Student reports section.

For information on school participation in the National Assessment Program small-scale tests, such as the NAP Sample Assessments, you can download the fact sheet on small-scale tests (PDF 184 KB).

Support material and advice provided by test administration authorities (TAAs)

The Handbook for principals is provided to schools by the relevant test administration authority (TAA) early each year. The handbook contains key extracts from the National protocols for test administration, as well as supplementary information applicable to each jurisdiction. Principals are responsible within each school for ensuring that all relevant staff are aware of the testing provisions in the Handbook for principals, including the code of conduct.

The Test administration handbook for teachers is prepared by ACARA and provided by the relevant TAA to schools with the test material. This handbook is designed to lead teachers as test administrators through the precise process for administering the tests. 

While TAAs have responsibility for the implementation and administration of NAPLAN tests within their jurisdictions, school principals have ultimate responsibility within their schools for ensuring tests are appropriately administered.

If you have questions in relation to the administration of NAPLAN, advice should be sought from your local TAA.

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