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Students, teachers and parents can become familiar with NAPLAN Online by completing mini-tests available in our public demonstration site. The purpose of the site is to familiarise students with the type of items they will see on NAPLAN Online and related functionalities. This level of familiarisation is worthwhile to help students understand and be comfortable with the format of the test. 

Mini-tests contain example questions to allow everyone to become familiar with the various types of features NAPLAN Online uses. For example, elements of the online tests include interactive navigation and features such as drag and drop.

There are also interaction tests, which walk students through how to interact with question types with additional supporting text, and accessible versions of the interaction tests which displays different types of questions based on adjustments that can be made for students with disability.

ACARA does not encourage students to study separately for NAPLAN Online and the public demonstration site is not designed to provide correct or incorrect answers or give feedback on individual performance.

Although each mini-test will consist of questions similar to the NAPLAN Online, they do not reflect the full functionality of the national online assessment platform, as this is being refined and improved in preparation for the move to online assessment from 2018.

The links below take you to mini-tests for reading, writing, conventions of language (grammar, punctuation, spelling) and numeracy for each NAPLAN test year: 3, 5, 7 and 9. 

Below that, there are links which take you to the interaction tests and accessible interaction tests.

Before you start, check first! The demonstration tests will work with many devices and browsers, but not all. Before starting, ensure that your device has the minimum technical requirements to access the mini-tests by first checking minimum technical requirements.


If you have any feedback on this public demonstration site please contact: [email protected]

Public demonstration site mini-tests

Interaction tests

The interaction test features sample questions with a range of interaction types. The test is not intended as a comprehensive summary of all question types and does not take the place of the mini-tests above for familiarity.

The interaction test provides general guidance for students in how to interact with different item types. This guidance is at the top of each question screen and outlines what sort of interaction is necessary to answer the question.

Some questions contain audio, where this is allowable in NAPLAN.

There are versions of the interaction test for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. There are only small differences, with a calculator question being asked in the Year 7 and 9 tests, while the Year 3 and 5 tests do not require a calculator.

Interaction tests

Year 3
Year 5
Year 7
Year 9

Accessible interaction tests

The accessible interaction test provides schools with examples of adjustments that are made by applying different adjustments. There are three types of adjustments made in this accessibility test:

  • audio adjustments
  • visual adjustments
  • motor assistive adjustments.

The audio adjustment replaces audio files for spelling with proofreading items.

The visual adjustment simplifies or enlarges items for easier viewing.

The motor assistive adjustment changes the interaction type for questions. For example, if a question requires dragging it might be replaced with a question with radio buttons.

Teachers and schools are in the best position to determine the needs of individual students, in consultation with students and their parents/carers.

NAPLAN Online allows for onscreen adjustments not currently available in the paper-based testing format, so it is important that schools follow the appropriate steps to assess accommodations for students with disabilities.

Adjustments allow students with disability to demonstrate what they know and can do. Adjustments may be different for different tests for a given student. Adjustments must be established prior to NAPLAN.

There are versions of the test for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. There are only small differences, with a calculator question being asked in the Year 7 and 9 tests, while the Year 3 and 5 tests do not require a calculator.

Accessible interaction tests

Year 3
Year 5
Year 7
Year 9

User guide

The user guide explains the overall test layout and tools available for use. It shows the different question types and their functionality.

Download the public demo site user guide (PDF 2.5 mb)


NAPLAN Online user guide video

Watch a new instructional video to become familiar with the public demonstration site: