Catch-ups and rescheduling test sessions

Catch-up sessions

Students who are absent when their class participates in the tests can sit catch up tests later in the test window when schools transition to NAPLAN Online.

Schools should try to schedule catch-up tests in the prescribed test sequence as far as possible.

Catch-up tests for the writing test should be held as soon as possible, and Year 3 writing tests must be complete by Friday of the first week.

Individual students sitting catch-up tests should sit the reading test before the conventions of language test wherever possible. 

The scenarios below provide examples of how the rules around catch-up sessions can be applied for NAPLAN Online.

Student misses the first three tests

Bob has been sick with the flu and was away from school for the entire first week of NAPLAN.

When he returns to school the following Monday, his class is completing the numeracy test. Bob can complete the numeracy test with his classmates on the Monday morning.

On Monday afternoon he can then complete the writing test in a catch-up session. He can then complete reading, followed by conventions of language on Tuesday.

Student misses the reading test

Jenny is absent from school on Wednesday in the first week. While she is away her class complete the reading test. 

When Jenny returns to school the next day, her class is completing the conventions of language test in the morning. Students must complete the reading test before they can undertake the conventions of language test where possible, and Jenny has missed the reading test. Therefore she does not complete this test at the same time as her classmates.

Jenny completes the reading test in a catch-up session. She can then undertake the conventions of language test afterwards, in a separate catch-up session.

Rescheduling test sessions

Rescheduling occurs when students or classes cannot start, or complete, a test due to technical issues.

Rescheduled tests must occur during the test window. Contact your test administration authority if you have any questions about rescheduling.

Rescheduled classes must complete writing before any students in the schools can commence the reading test, although the reading sessions can commence concurrently to final writing sessions.

Rescheduled classes must complete the reading test before the conventions of language test as there is a link between the reading test and the conventions of language test.