NAP sample assessments – results, reports, performance

Performance in the NAP sample assessments (science literacy, civics and citizenship, and information and communication technology [ICT] literacy) is measured against nationally agreed proficient standards. Each proficiency standard represents a reasonably challenging level of performance where students need to demonstrate more than the minimal skills expected at the year level. Proficient standards are not the same as national minimum standards because the latter refers to the basic level needed to function at that year level, whereas the former refers to what is expected of a student at that year level.

Individual student reports are not provided for students who participate in NAP sample assessments; however, schools that take part receive reports summarising students’ results. A national public report describing student achievement in the sample assessments is also published. No individual schools or students are identified in these reports.

After the sample assessments have taken place, a public report is released, providing a national comparison of student performance against the relevant framework. A technical report is also released, which aims to provide detailed information about the conduct of the tests. This allows valid interpretations of the relevant results to be made. It also enables future test cycles to be undertaken and linked with appropriate information from past cycles.