Test results

Both NAPLAN and NAP sample assessment results are reported on scales which demonstrate how students have performed compared to established standards. Assessment scales also allow achievement to be mapped as students progress through schooling. Further information about the different scales and standards is available under How to interpret.

Results of the tests for the National Assessment Program are reported a number of different ways; these include public reports, individual student reports, and reporting on the My School website.

It is important to note that the tests involved in the NAP are not pass/fail tests.

NAPLAN results

NAPLAN test results provide information on how students are performing in the areas of literacy and numeracy and support improvements in teaching and learning. The data from NAPLAN test results gives schools and systems the ability to measure their students’ achievements against national minimum standards and student performance in other states and territories.

Preliminary results for schools and students who completed NAPLAN online are provided in the student and school summary report (SSSR). View: How to interpret the SSSR (PDF 4.99 mb).

Reports on individual student performance are provided to all students and parents/carers by state and territory test administration authorities

NAPLAN results are also reported nationally through summary results released in August and a full national report released in December. See the interactive report.

NAP sample assessment results

After the NAP sample assessments have taken place a public report is released providing a national overview of student performance against the relevant standards. The report provides an analysis of various findings across states and territories and student sub-groups, for example: the relative achievements of boys/girls; metropolitan students/rural students and Indigenous/non-Indigenous students.

A technical report is also released, which provides detailed information about the statistical and measurement methods and procedures used. This enables valid interpretations and transparent evaluations of the reported outcomes.

Individual student reports are not provided for NAP sample assessments. Participating schools receive a basic report about the performance of their students.